I am a software developer currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ve worked with a variety of languages (Ruby, Java, Clojure, Javascript, etc.) and frameworks (React, Rails, Spring, etc.) on everything from small, greenfield projects to legacy enterprise systems. Although the size and scope of the projects I work on may change, best practices like test driven development are always a must.

I didn’t start out as a developer though. I first moved to Cincinnati to study piano performance at Miami University, though I eventually turned to one of my other interests, French language and literature, for which I received my degree and which I continued to study in grad school.

Ultimately I decided to pursue another path, and I had the good fortune to find a position working with people who built software thanks to my French-speaking skills - apparently there are quite a few French-Canadian software development firms who specialize in building on Microsoft platforms - which is where I began to develop an interest in software. I learned quite a bit on my own, but realized I wanted to be able to dedicate more time to learning to be a software developer. That’s what precipitated my attending Dev Bootcamp in San Francisco at the beginning of 2014.

Since then I’ve been working full time as a software developer, and I’ve never enjoyed what I do as much as this.